The online scheduling portal does not allow for appointments to be scheduled/cancelled or changed within a 24 hour time frame.  

If this is the first time you are scheduling with our office or if you have not had contact with our office since March 15, 2020, review our COVID19 updates, review the information below regarding the type of massage you are interested in scheduling & email us at so that we can get your account set up for online scheduling.

You can either schedule by therapist or by appointment type. To learn more about each therapists individual style & which insurance each therapist is contracted with, please visit our home page and select the therapists photo. 

There are a few types of treatments you can schedule online:

Wellness Massage is not covered by any insurance plan. It is performed with the intent to maintain your health, reduce day-to-day pains and restore or maintain your pain-free movement. The client determines the treatment goals after a thorough discussion with the massage therapist and the client controls the treatment plan. Please email us at if you are interested in scheduling a same day appointment and there is availability on the schedule. 

Wellness Pricing: $40 for 30 min, $75 for 60 min, $110 for 90 min & $140 for 120 hours

Email to learn more about our Introductory Wellness Special. 

Medical Massage is performed with the intent of improving conditions that have been diagnosed by a medical professional; a wide variety of modalities or procedures are utilized to focus the treatment based on the diagnosed condition. Ask your physician to write a referral for massage therapy. Most insurance covers a 60 minute medical massage although Uniform Medical Plan will allow for a 90 minute appointment. To see if we are preferred providers with your insurance, please view Insurance to make sure that we have all of the updated information that we need in order to bill properly. 

Auto Injury Massage is covered by an auto insurance injury claim that has PIP. Please see this section on our website in order to know what information will be needed prior to scheduling your first appointment. 

Workers Compensation Massage is covered by a workers comp injury claim. Please see this section on our website in order to know what information will be needed prior to scheduling your first appointment. 

Please check the COVID-19 Risk Assessment Dashboard prior to coming to your appointment. We will send an email if we need to cancel your appointment if the Goal is NOT being met for Thurston County Percent of Hospital Beds Being Occupied. 




You can cancel/reschedule online PRIOR to 24 hours, afterwards there may be a late cancellation fee.  No Shows are also subject to a $75 fee.