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COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures

We have embraced the following guidelines as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clients will receive a COVID-19 Screening & Liability Waiver email from us 2 days prior to the scheduled appointment time which is mandatory to fill it out online.

Any client reporting and/or experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms will be asked to cancel the appointment by emailing (you will not be charged a late fee) and asked to follow CDC guidelines regarding duration of self isolation before coming back into the clinic. 

Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)

All ITMT employees are required to wear masks while in the clinic.

All therapists will wear a clean apron or smock that is washed between each client.

Clients are expected and required to wear a face covering while in the clinic. If they arrive without one, a mask will be provided for an additional fee($3 disposable/$6 cloth).

Social Distancing

Arrival- Clients are asked to arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before the start of their appointment & remain inside your vehicle until the therapist unlocks the door for you. Clients can check in online by using the scan provided on the window or check in using Jane our software company. Once the therapist is ready, the therapist will unlock the door, hand sanitizer will be used and the client will be escorted to the treatment room. 

Departure- We respectfully request that clients depart from the back door(near the restrooms) until further notice. The lobby is currently closed, even if there is an office worker at the front desk. Clients are encouraged to sign up for our software Jane which will allow them to depart without needing to stop by the front desk. We ask that future appointments be scheduled online by the client. Client's that have not previously paid their out of pocket when checking in will receive an email from Jane requesting that the payment be made online after the appointment. 

Greetings- We are training employees on touch-less greetings, avoiding hand shaking, hugs and other non-essential contact.

Minimizing Physical Touch Points

Self Check in is available through Jane and we ask that you wait in the vehicle until the therapist unlocks the door for you to enter.

Cashless transactions will be available for payments and tips via Jane.

Highest Standards of Sanitation

Treatment rooms will be thoroughly disinfected between each client.

Common area surfaces will be continuously disinfected after each interaction

We have added air purifiers to each room.

We will continue to practice frequent and thorough hand-washing for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we continue to shift to this new normal in protocols as we work together to do our part to maintain the highest safety standards!

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