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Myofascial Release focuses on the fascia, or connective tissue of the muscle.  When connective tissue is tight, underlying structures of the body are pulled, thereby adversely affecting posture and causing pain and tension.  Myofascial Release uses techniques that work with the grain of the fiber to lengthen the connective tissue and help release superficial fascia from the underlying tissue.  Techniques are also applied against the grain of the muscle fibers so that scar tissue and adhesions are broken and fibers are realigned.


Myofascial Release focuses on the muscle belly as well as working specifically on the musculotendinous junction.  Myofascial Release is extremely effective for helping with postural issues, speeding healing, increasing blood circulation, restoring elasticity to muscles, and decreasing pain and tension.  Myofascial Release can also be effective for those clients who might experience great relief after their massage sessions, but find that their tension returns a few days later.  Oftentimes the return of tension indicates a fascial restriction in the outer layers of the muscle that needs to be released through a technique that is more subtle than deep tissue strokes.

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