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Labor and Industries (L&I) Claims


If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to medical coverage from your employer. You must first fill out forms at work, go to a doctor to get treatment, get a claim number, notify Washington State Department of Labor and Industry and get a prescription from your primary care physician stating diagnosis and length of time required for treatment. If your doctor is unsure how long it will take, a good measure is to request 6 massages and reevaluate.


We are happy to write reports to keep your doctor informed of your progress and communicate with your claims adjuster to authorize further treatment.

In order to schedule your fist Workers Compensation Massage, we will need to have your referral from a medical professional either emailed to way to get it to us) or faxed to 360-866-8943. We will also need a copy of the accident report with the following information emailed as well:

Workers Compensation Company to be billed, Claim Manager, Claim Manager's phone number or email, Claim Number & Date of Accident

Once we have received all of the proper documentation, we will email you to let you know when your account has been set up and when you will be able to schedule your appointments online. We recommend scheduling at least one appointment with each therapist so that you can see which style your body responds to better. 

Typically Worker's Compensation claims like to see you being treated consistently once a week for 6 weeks, after the first 6 we can request another set of 6. 

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